"MCC Smarthomes recently installed a fully automated home theater system for our home. And what can I say other than 'I love it!'. Now the whole family relaxes together watching our favorite DVD's!"
- Amanda Johnston

"After spending countless hours trying to find and understand a local home automation solution, we called MCC Smarthomes in desperation. They made the entire process easy to understand and simple. We were so relieved. Thank you so much."
- Michael Klein

"After recently purchasing a new home, my wife and I were interested in protecting our family in our new house. Getting a new full-home security setup from MCC Smarthomes was a no-brainer. Now we sleep in total comfort knowing that MCC Smarthomes installed our system."
-Peter Thompson

"I was interested in both solar and wind energy solutions for my home. We contacted MCC Smart Homes and got quite an education. We made our decision right there on the spot and never looked back. It was the best choice we could have made, and it will save us thousands over the life of the home."
-James Williston

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